Forced Displacement

Forced Displacement Affects Indigenous and Rural Communities in Chiapas

Forced displacement is a phenomenon that particularly affects indigenous peoples in Chiapas. The Civil Observer Brigades (BriCO) organized by Frayba represent an important effort to put a halt to this. If you are interested in becoming a BriCO volunteer, please take a look here to find out more

Urgent Action Needed for Displaced Children and Adolescents

The recent spate of violence in Chiapas has left at least two youths dead as well as others injured. It has also resulted in the forced displacement of families and trauma experienced by girls, boys and adolescents who are trapped in the midst of this violence. It is estimated that some 7,000 children have been displaced since 2010 to date. REDIAS, an umbrella group for seven collectives that work with minors across the state of Chiapas, has made a call for urgent action for the latest victims to receive proper attention.

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