The acting prophecy of the Zapatista communities

It would seem that, to a global society, self-absorbed by its technical-scientific advances, turned in on itself, narcissistic, fleeing towards escape and pleasure, which is rushing us towards climatic and civilizational catastrophe, the memory and the presence of communities like the Zapatistas would repeat to our ears every day memento humanitatis: remember humanity, that it is the relationship of care with all beings that humanizes us and makes hope possible. For all this, thanks to the Zapatista communities.

The Common: A New Horizon

Contrary to what intellectuals, “specialists” and journalists shaped by “lazy thinking” say, Zapatismo is full of youth. Among the militia men and women, one can see the faces and bodies of those who are beginning to leave adolescence behind. A new generation of Zapatistas and a new era of Zapatismo. “The property must be of the people and common, and the people must govern themselves”, says Subcomandante Moises, spokesman of the EZLN, in his speech. Sketches that reach to draw the new theoretical and political horizon that the Zapatistas are launching. Thirty years after the war against oblivion, Zapatismo embarks on the future of humanity

To Bequeath Life: 30 Years Since the Zapatista Uprising

“I believe that this is one of the contributions of Zapatismo to the world from below: to question, to call for organization, to motivate responses to the “what about you” and to put a mirror in front of this great WE that we are in order to inspire practices that allow us to live in freedom outside the bonds of contemporary capitalism. At the end of the day, we too are bequeathing life, but now it is our turn to do our part.”

Brecht in las cañadas

Defying the oppression of bad governments, organized crime and naysayers, art in Zapatista territory continues to liberate and elevate the struggle for life.

With a style and color that has come to define the Zapatista murals, Gustavo Chávez Pávon speaks of the building of a great art collective. Over the years, Schools for Chiapas has had the honor of participating in and supporting the the materials for several of Gustavo Chavez’s murals.

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