Environmental devastation

Mayan Train: Ecocide and Ethnocide

The project of the misnamed Mayan Train is advancing by bulldozing jungle, towns and communities, indigenous rights, cultural heritages and archaeological remains of incalculable value, in addition to having felled between 5 and 10 million trees (depending on who is counting) and having caused damage to cenotes, water springs, caves and much more.

In a segment titled, the Dream of Reason, Silvia Ribeiro elaborates on the ruling of the International Tribunal on the Rights of Nature on the so-called Mayan Train.

Lithium in Chiapas: Is it Worth the Environmental Risk?

Lithium, a substance that has become such an essential element of much of modern technology, represents yet another threat to the peoples and environment of Chiapas. “It causes environmental deterioration that we must be aware of, and whose consequences could add to the social conflicts that the state is facing today”.

Capitalism in Criminal Mode

Raúl Zibechi calls on us to ask: What is the State that corresponds to this mafia capitalism, which destroys everything to accumulate more and more capital?

It is a State dedicated to war and to dispossession against those at the bottom.

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