En Comun

The Perserverance of Dignity

Young Liria nodded excitedly with a smile that lit up her face like the Mayan sun. Her small frame rocked back and forth with emotion. She had been at the 30th anniversary celebration of the EZLN in the Caracol of Dolores Hidalgo, and still vibrated with the energy of it. Along with thousands of her peers, she witnessed as people from around the globe streamed into the remote canyons of Chiapas to celebrate, and to listen to the Zapatista youth as they enacted their stories before an international audience.  She witnessed for the first time the global reach of their movement that her grandparents and parents had built, and that she, should she choose to, would be charged with carrying on. 

EZLN: Its first 30 years

Magdalena Gómez reports on the EZLN’s elaboration, at the recent anniversary celebration, of their latest proposal of lands belonging to no one and everyone, that is, “en común.”

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