A Strategy Up For Debate?

Raul Romero examines the failed previous and current strategies for confroning organized crime and violence. He asserts that a critical approach must disrupt the processes of recolonization and dispossession, returning territories, resources and autonomy to the peoples.

From the American Dream to the American Nightmare

The United States will find its exceptionalism when it confronts reality from the perspective of the iconoclasts and rebels who break with the racism and the imperialist strategies promoted by the dominant classes of white, anglo-saxon, protestant (WASP) United States

Update: Nuevo San Gregorio Urgent Action:

Acts of violence against the Zapatista community of Nuevo San Gregorio continue.
We ask national and international solidarity to express their condemnation of the Mexican State’s negligence and the increase of violence in community of Nuevo San Gregorio today!

Colonialism Without End

Hermann Bellinghausen on the phenomena of internal colonialism. “Since the 19th century, the countries of the hemisphere began a progressive dispossession that, under national rather than colonial arguments, has never been interrupted. It takes on distinct guises, changing with historical junctures.”

The End of Illusion

Instead of protecting them [the communities], the current government, which continuously proclaims to be on the side of the poor, without hesitation took the side of capital, when the communities decided to defend what belongs to them. The episode helps to dissolve the illusion for those who thought that this government was on their side, or that it brought justice to the poor.

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