Mayan Train: Ecocide and Ethnocide

The project of the misnamed Mayan Train is advancing by bulldozing jungle, towns and communities, indigenous rights, cultural heritages and archaeological remains of incalculable value, in addition to having felled between 5 and 10 million trees (depending on who is counting) and having caused damage to cenotes, water springs, caves and much more.

In a segment titled, the Dream of Reason, Silvia Ribeiro elaborates on the ruling of the International Tribunal on the Rights of Nature on the so-called Mayan Train.

Data on Violence against Zapatista Communities

Since the uprising of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) on January 1, 1994, thousands of hectares of land usurped by landowners were recovered by their legitimate owners: the original peoples. From there, the 1994 War began, and has continued with a counterinsurgency strategy, designed and implemented in an integral manner through different ways in order to wear down and disarticulate the Zapatista families, communities and peoples. The government of AMLO and the “Fourth Transformation” continues the counterinsurgency model; human rights continue to be violated, using a supposed electoral legitimacy to do the same criminal work of the previous governments of the PRI, PAN and PRD, thus dispossessing the land and common goods to convert them into merchandise.

“The Dispossession Has Just Begun and Will Last for a Long Time” -Raúl Zibechi

Raúl Zibechi warns that the wars of dispossession against the peoples have only just begun. How do we face the storm?

What “we see today is that an enormous storm is coming, that it is already underway, an infernal earthquake upon us. We cannot build material barriers against it (…) we can unite and give our arms and give ourselves to life and to mother earth, with the hope that she will show us the way.”

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