To Read the World and Transform It

“We know that we are not alone in this journey. How many compañeros and compañeros have come to these lands of ours to share their knowledge, to teach us and for us to teach them, how much they have dedicated their whole lives to share our word, our thinking, to look for ways to support us in this struggle that belongs to all of us,” Manuel shares, the emotion so visible on his young face. “Thanks to this support we can continue to build our schools and clinics, develop materials, have access to medical equipment that allows us to care for our sick…”

Autonomy and Dignity Don’t Depend On Numbers

The support bases of the EZLN in Nuevo San Gregorio showed us that resistance is not for a day or a year. It is a way of living life. It is not a struggle to obtain something material, or to obtain personal or collective advantages. Even less for immediate results. The struggle is to continue being peoples who are different from hegemonic capitalism. And for dignity.

The Struggles for Human Dignity

“In this century, the struggles for dignity persist. The just ones, those inevitable struggles whose horizons are human rights, equality, denouncing machismo and the patriarchy. All of them, without exception, drink from those who have watered the path of dignity…”

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