On Valentine’s day we celebrate the global movement to end violence against ALL women and girls (gender fluid, trans, and cisgender) and to end the patriarchal violence that afflicts us all.
Raúl Romero writes of this movement, an anti-monument of protest, and a demand for justice, Noise.

Miguel Concha: A Good Man

In a nation where the social movement is highly fragmented and divided, Miguel Concha was a personality of unity and consensus; in a country where corruption is rampant, Father Concha was an indisputable ethical reference. Luis Hernandez Navarro recounts the legacy of a man devoted to human rights.

A Strategy Up For Debate?

Raul Romero examines the failed previous and current strategies for confroning organized crime and violence. He asserts that a critical approach must disrupt the processes of recolonization and dispossession, returning territories, resources and autonomy to the peoples.

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