Zoque traditional territories

The Zoque diaspora and Covid-19

An indigenous Zoque historian and anthropologist describes concerns that not only affect the Zoque community, but many indigenous communities throughout Mexico –forced migration to find work is precarious in and of itself, but has become wholly tragic during the pandemic. He calls on the far-flung Zoque diaspora to organize for across localities for autonomous health.

Defending Life in Times of Pandemic

Despite wars waged on them from many fronts during the pandemic, Zapatista and CNI communities face the health crisis with autonomous health systems. Raúl Romero describes resistance and resilience in the face of yet one more threat.

This is how they protect against covid-19 in Zapatista territory

How do the Zapatistas protect their territory from the coronavirus? With a diffuse and extensive territory, the EZLN has bet on prevention and physical demobilization of inhabitants. Text: Orsetta Bellani Photos: Isabel Mateos OCOSINGO, CHIAPAS. Doctor Luis Enrique Fernández Máximo learned about the red alert of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) through the Internet. He left the Zapatista autonomous clinic of the community of Las Tazas, where he works, and bought a card that allows him to connect to the web even in the area of the Lacandón Jungle where there is no signal. Since he left Tlaxcala to …

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