Twentieth and Final Part: The Common and Non-Property

So we think, and we remember how it was before. We talked about it to our elders. We asked them if it was like this before. We ask them to tell us if there has always been darkness, death, destruction. Where did that idea of ​​the world come from? How come everything got fucked up. We think that if we know when and how the light, the good thinking, the complete knowledge of what is good and what is bad was lost, then maybe we can find it, and with that, struggle for everything to become complete, as it should be, respecting life.

Chiapas: The Violence That Above They Try To Conceal

“In his morning conference on June 23, the head of the federal executive, accompanied by the Secretary of the Interior, the Secretary of National Defense and the Governor of Chiapas, minimized the attacks against Zapatista communities and the serious and widely documented situation in the state of Chiapas. This attitude not only seems alarming to us, but we are concerned that it could be the preamble to an even greater physical and/or media attack. Minimizing violence encourages paramilitary groups by covering them with a cloak of impunity. The words directed against Samir Flores Soberanes prior to his assassination, a crime that remains unpunished to this day, are engraved in our memory.”

The Chiapas Hell

Luis Hernandez Navarro gives us further history on the recent communiqué from EZLN, and the factors that have led to the current crisis.

Chiapas on the Brink of Civil War

Provoked by the recent kidnapping of two and murder of one member off the EZLN, SupGaleano warns of the impending crisis created by the actions and inaction of the government of the State of Chiapas under Rutilio Escandón.

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