Twentieth and Final Part: The Common and Non-Property

So we think, and we remember how it was before. We talked about it to our elders. We asked them if it was like this before. We ask them to tell us if there has always been darkness, death, destruction. Where did that idea of ​​the world come from? How come everything got fucked up. We think that if we know when and how the light, the good thinking, the complete knowledge of what is good and what is bad was lost, then maybe we can find it, and with that, struggle for everything to become complete, as it should be, respecting life.

Seventeenth part: Never Again…

Memory is not only the sustenance of dignified rage, it is also the root of the tree of dignity and rebellion. In the case of the indigenous peoples, it is a root that sinks into centuries of darkness, and that, with the peoples of the world, says and is saying: “never again .”

Ninth Part: The New Structure of Zapatista Autonomy

Subcomandante Moíses explains what we all have been waiting for.

“I am going to try to explain to you how we reorganize autonomy, that is, the new structure of Zapatista autonomy.  I will explain more later with more detail.  Or maybe I won’t explain any more, because the practice is what matters.”

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