Fourteenth Part and Second Approach Alert: The (other) Rule of the Excluded Third

The meeting was a year ago. One early morning in November. It was cold. Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés arrived at the Captain’s chambers (yes, you are not wrong, by that time SupGaleano had already died, only his death had not been made public). The meeting with the bosses had ended late, and SubMoy took time to stop by and ask me about how I had progressed in the analysis that had to be presented the next day at the assembly. The moon was moving lazily towards its first quarter and the world population reached 8 billion. Three notes appeared in my notebook:

Twelfth part: Fragments.

“Why do we say that the nightmare that is already here, and will only get worse, will be followed by an awakening?  Well, because there are those who, like us, are determined to look at that possibility.  Very slim, it is true.  But every day and at all times, everywhere, we fight for that tiny possibility to grow and, although small and insignificant -like a tiny seed-, to grow and, someday, to be the tree of life that will be of all colors or it will not be at all.”

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