Internal Colonialism and Autonomy

Raúl Romero
Recovering critical and dialectical thinking in light of the great theories, and always listening to the voice and actions of the peoples, brings us to imagine and create alternatives to the relations of exploitation and domination that we face under this system. The struggle for emancipation is happening at all levels — local, national, regional and global. From this complexity of interrelations, we must assume that there are several ways out.

Dispute Over the Past and Internal Colonialism

Exploitation, discrimination, racism, opression, and internal colonialism that the indigenous peoples suffer are in part a product of history, but also of the actions of the modern State, and the forces of capital against them. They are not merely issues of the past but of the present. This is why it is not enough to call for national unity, denounce the colonial atrocities, or offer apologies. It is time to put an end to internal colonial relations.

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