Stop Mega-Projects Forum!

Stop Megaprojects Forum!

Learn how you can support the Struggle for Life and Stop the megaprojects of Death.

Speakers: Bettina Cruz Velazquez, consejala from the Isthmo, Sara Gómez, consejala from Candelaria, Campeche, and Mario Quintero, CNI member from the Isthmo.

The Right to Self-Determination of Peoples and Nations – Part I

Gilberto López y Rivas The principle of self-determination, understood as the right of peoples and nations to freely choose their political, economic and cultural regime, including the formation of an independent state, and to resolve all questions related to their existence, was consolidated as a fundamental element of the international legal framework, at least formally, after World War II, when the Charter of the United Nations specified the equal rights of nations and the self-determination of peoples. The principle of self-determination is enshrined in several international documents, such as the Atlantic Charter of 1941, the United Nations Declaration of 1942, …

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Colonialism Without End

Hermann Bellinghausen on the phenomena of internal colonialism. “Since the 19th century, the countries of the hemisphere began a progressive dispossession that, under national rather than colonial arguments, has never been interrupted. It takes on distinct guises, changing with historical junctures.”

Imperialism, Migration and the International Working Class

“We are here because you were there, read a banner in a demonstration of migrants in 2003, in Spain. The slogan sums up well the historical nature and the relationship between colonialism, imperialism, and the recent phenomena of mass migration.” Raúl Romero sheds light on the borders of bloodshed and the crisis of the international working class.

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