“531 years after the beginning of the resistance and rebellion of our peoples against the war of capitalist invasion and conquest, and in the context of the 27 years since the National Indigenous Congress (CNI) was founded as the space for struggle and unity of the original peoples of Mexico, WE CALL the peoples of Mexico and the world to redouble our resistance against the death that today more than ever is imposed on us by patriarchal capitalism on a planetary scale…”

At the Third National Assembly

War against the people “is developed and systematized” starting with the presidency: Third National Assembly for Water and Life

Water is Life!

More than 800 indigenous participants from around Mexico gathered last weekend to coordinate their struggles against the war of extermination and dispossession being waged from the highest levels. They call on all of us to rally our forces in coordinated actions in defense of water and life and against and in solidarity with the Zapatistas and all Peoples in Struggle. See action dates for a preview….

“Never Again a Mexico Without Us” The participation of women in the political project of the National Indigenous Congress.

The CNI is a network of networks that articulates communities with women’s representation and national and regional women’s solidarity networks. In a context of extractivism, internal colonialism and patriarchal violence, the work of women in the tasks of organization and representation of communities is central in the articulation of the CNI described as anti-capitalist “from below, to the left and with the land” (Escobar, 2016).

Chiapas: The Violence That Above They Try To Conceal

“In his morning conference on June 23, the head of the federal executive, accompanied by the Secretary of the Interior, the Secretary of National Defense and the Governor of Chiapas, minimized the attacks against Zapatista communities and the serious and widely documented situation in the state of Chiapas. This attitude not only seems alarming to us, but we are concerned that it could be the preamble to an even greater physical and/or media attack. Minimizing violence encourages paramilitary groups by covering them with a cloak of impunity. The words directed against Samir Flores Soberanes prior to his assassination, a crime that remains unpunished to this day, are engraved in our memory.”

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