531 Years of Indigenous, Black and Popular Resistance

531 years after the arrival of Europeans to the island lands of this continent, which would happen to bear the name of America, the organizations of native peoples took to the streets to express their repudiation of the euphemisms of discovery, encounter of two worlds and acculturation to denote the violent process of conquest and colonization, which the National Indigenous Congress describes as the worst genocide in the history of mankind.

October 12: the choice for dignity and life

Magdalena Gomez points out there is a great task ahead for our societies, an urgent and pending agenda — both recognizing and correcting a lack of consciousness, conviction and commitment to strengthen support for indigenous peoples.

National and International Statement to join the Global Action to stop the war against the peoples of Mexico and the World, and against the Zapatista peoples and the originary peoples of Mexico.

On October 12, 1492, a new history began to be written: the History of Indigenous Dignity. The strength and determination of the native peoples, cultivated for more than 531 years, acquires new meanings today: the anti-colonial resistance of the first ones, the defense of their territories and ways of inhabiting the world, are a source of knowledge and inspiration in the struggle against predatory and ecocidal capitalism.


“531 years after the beginning of the resistance and rebellion of our peoples against the war of capitalist invasion and conquest, and in the context of the 27 years since the National Indigenous Congress (CNI) was founded as the space for struggle and unity of the original peoples of Mexico, WE CALL the peoples of Mexico and the world to redouble our resistance against the death that today more than ever is imposed on us by patriarchal capitalism on a planetary scale…”

At the Third National Assembly

War against the people “is developed and systematized” starting with the presidency: Third National Assembly for Water and Life

Water is Life!

More than 800 indigenous participants from around Mexico gathered last weekend to coordinate their struggles against the war of extermination and dispossession being waged from the highest levels. They call on all of us to rally our forces in coordinated actions in defense of water and life and against and in solidarity with the Zapatistas and all Peoples in Struggle. See action dates for a preview….

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