Chiapas: “The civilian population has been taken hostage,” civil society organizations denounce. 

Since approximately 2021, the border of Chiapas with Guatemala has been plagued by an unacknowledged armed conflict based on the territorial dispute between organized crime structures for the control of goods, services, people, legal and illegal products, as well as the very lives of the local population. As the violence escalates, authorities and military personnel are, at best negligent, and in some cases, colluding with the crime groups in conflict.

Massive Protections Being Prepared To Avoid Detention and Deportation of Migrants

“Migrants have no jobs, no money to eat, and no roof over their heads. Rents are very expensive, there are entire families sleeping in parks, health services are saturated, this is chaos.”

Schools for Chiapas is seeking volunteers to work at a migrant center here in Chiapas. For more information, please visit our website:

Why Chiapas is different

Hermann Bellinghausen discusses why Chiapas, despite the official AMLO discourse to the contrary, is suffering a worse plight than the statistics would suggest…

For those who know the state well, well, what does that say about Mexico?

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