EZLN, 29 Years of Persistence

Hermann Bellinhausen honors 29 years of Zapatista autonomy, and the indigenous organization that has resisted and continued building during as many years of constant siege. Viva el EZLN!

From the Struggle for Land to the Caracoles

This alternative society has taken shape in the Caracoles. In them is the synthesis of both the deep and subterranean history of peasants and indigenous people for land and autonomy, as well as their willingness and power to build another world.

Autonomy Against All Odds: 19th Anniversary of the Zapatista Caracoles

by Magdalena Gómez The 9th of August, 2003, in Oventic, Chiapas, the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) announced the creation of the Caracoles and the Good Government Councils, replacing the Zapatista Autonomous Rebel Municipalities (MARZ), whose functions would continue. An genuine second level of mediation and conflict resolution was proposed through the Juntas to attend to complaints against the autonomous councils for human rights violations, investigate their veracity, order the autonomous councils to correct these errors and to monitor their compliance. They thus constituted an unprecedented organization in Latin America. With this, they reaffirmed their congruence in terms of …

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The Lacandón Commune, at 19 years

The story told by the image is far from anecdotal. That past is still present. It is etched in the skin and memories of those who suffered it, but also in their children and grandchildren.
With its memory fixed on the hell of what life was like on the plantations, the Lacandon Commune has brought up several generations of indigenous rebels.

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