Coyotes and Big Business Profit from Wealth Produced by Campesinos

This article highlights the plight of campesino farmers in Chiapas. Despite massive profits being made by middlemen and the agroindustry, Chiapas remains the poorest state of the Mexican federation. It also illustrates the inherent flaws of the Sembrando Vida program, which, although it may be beneficial to larger landholders, is perjudicial to most.

Postcards from the War. Part II

The war in Mexico finds a fundamental point in Chiapas. There a struggle is already being waged in which the peoples are betting on life with peace, justice and dignity. Zapatismo is an outpost of that struggle, that is why we must all demand a stop to the war against the Zapatista peoples, which is at the same time the cry for a stop to the war in Chiapas and in all of Mexico.

In Mexico, Mining Law Reform is “Half-Baked.”

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador published, on May 8th in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF), the reforms to the Mining, National Waters, Ecological Balance and Environmental Protection, and Prevention and Integral Waste Management Laws, approved on April 28 by the Plenary of the Senate of the Republic.

While the changes were celebrated by many environmental activists and organizations, the agrarian lawyer who is part of the legal team of the National Indigenous Congress (CNI), Carlos González, classified the reforms as “half-baked.”

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