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Dispute Over the Past and Internal Colonialism

Exploitation, discrimination, racism, opression, and internal colonialism that the indigenous peoples suffer are in part a product of history, but also of the actions of the modern State, and the forces of capital against them. They are not merely issues of the past but of the present. This is why it is not enough to call for national unity, denounce the colonial atrocities, or offer apologies. It is time to put an end to internal colonial relations.

Midterm Elections and the Fourth Transformation

AMLO’s Morena party survives this June 6th elections, albeit losing significant ground, in Mexico City and also among the middle class. While holding steady, the shifts pose a challenge to the Fourth Transformation in its second half. What does it mean for the future of national poltics?

We Are Not the Same?

Detailing the many recent violations against indigenous and campesino communities throughout Mexico, Magdalena Gomez questions AMLO’s assertion that he is not the same as previous administrations.

Aldama and the Neoliberal Project of Plunder

Just this morning, May 26th, we received messages from compañeros in the highlands of Chiapas that gunfire in the direction of the communities of Aldama has become more fierce over the past 4 days. In the municipality of Aldama, which includes the Zapatista support base community of Magdalena de La Paz, consistent paramilitary fire from the Santa Martha community in the neighboring municipality of Chenalhó threatens the lives and livelihoods of its residents.