Women Made the EZLN Possible

We know of the vital role of women in Zapatismo, as military commanders during the insurrection, as creators of the groundbreaking Revolutionary Law of Women, and as community leaders. In this piece, Rosaluz Pérez Espinosa, who for many years worked closely with women in Zapatista communities, examines how the participation of women, grounded by their experience in the daily life of caring for their communities, shaped of the concept and practice of autonomy in Zapatista territory.


The Zapatista communities and the EZLN invite all persons, groups, collectives, associations, organizations and movements that have signed the so-called Declaration for Life, the originary peoples agreed upon in the National Indigenous Congress, the Sexta Mundial, non-governmental organizations that defend human rights and, especially, those whose destiny lies in artistic creation, to the celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of the beginning of the war against oblivion.

Twentieth and Final Part: The Common and Non-Property

So we think, and we remember how it was before. We talked about it to our elders. We asked them if it was like this before. We ask them to tell us if there has always been darkness, death, destruction. Where did that idea of ​​the world come from? How come everything got fucked up. We think that if we know when and how the light, the good thinking, the complete knowledge of what is good and what is bad was lost, then maybe we can find it, and with that, struggle for everything to become complete, as it should be, respecting life.

Those from below

Gloria Muñoz Ramirez

Zapatismo is conjugated in the present, it is not past history or a museum piece. Zapatismo is a watershed of national political life and of the global social movement. It is a living history, a current construction, an unending proposal. To refer to Zapatismo as something that happened three decades ago is to try (although they do not succeed) to make invisible a movement that continues to speak to the world, despite everything against it.

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