“Schools for Chiapas” Poster

This painting continues the highly acclaimed Chiapas series by painter Beatriz Aurora. A deep blue sky reflects upon a sparkling jungle river filled with fish of many colors and surrounded by animals of the tropical rain forests of Chiapas. The first autonomous middle school centers this work and is lined up with a brilliant tropical sun and the distinctive building and design of the ancient Maya city of Toniná. The five Caracoles are all present as earth colored ships floating on a ocean of green with tiny masked Zapatistas peering out from the joyous jungle scene. The Little Yellow School Bus for Peace heads for Oventik while teachers, students and parents take center stage surrounding the autonomous school featuring a library, computer lab, dormitory and traditional Maya leaders. Historical and original Maya glyphs call out the details of the painting. Poster measures 19-1/2″ by 26-1/2″



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