Poster: San Andres Sakamch’en de los Pobres


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Another incredible Beatrix Aurora poster: vibrant patterns border a celebratory scene centered among detailed depictions of community, agriculture, flora, fauna and family from this historic site.

San Andrés Sakamch’en de los Pobres, a community in the Altos of Chiapas, is very significant in the Zapatista struggle as it the place that the Accords of San Andrés were named for, an agreement on Indigenous Rights and Culture reached between the EZLN and the Mexican government (which included delegates from other indigenous groups and trusted negotiators). These Accords, which signed into law the autonomy of indigenous governance and customs and traditions in their own communities, was later betrayed by the Mexican Congress in 2001. It was the final betrayal, and the point at which the EZLN decided to construct autonomy in their communities “without permission.”

This quality print is a generous 17 3/4″ wide and 13″ tall. Framed or thumbtacked, it’s a captivating image for any space.

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