Poster: Nunca Mas un Mexico Sin Nosotros


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Gifted artist Beatrix Aurora captures the faces and message of the Congreso Nacional Indigena (National Indigenous Congress) at San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas:

Nunca mas un Mexico sin Nosotros – No More Mexico without Us

Trabajamos por las construccion de una sociedad en la que quepan todas las culturas, todos los colores, todos los pueblos que somos Mexico. – Working to build a society that includes all cultures, all colors, all of the peoples that are Mexico.

On the back of this poster is the joint CNI & EZLN Statement – War & Resistance Part 44 (Parte de Guerra y Resistencia #44. Communicado conjunto CNI y EZLN).

At 17 7/8″ wide and 13″ tall, this colorful print brings you a piece of history from the resistance, while its purchase brings hope to indigenous communities, painting a bright future wherever it hangs.

Special Note – one copy of this print is available without the top & bottom borders on front or the statement on back, still measuring 17 7/8″ x 13″. If interested in this version please add in notes and email store@schoolsforchiapas.org to ensure available.

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