Poster: No al Tren Maya

Two Rebeldes in pasamontanas stand, arms crossed, in the foliage of Zapatista terrain against the so-called Mayan Train and Projects of Destruction.

Another example of destruction of indigenous communities veiled as progress, the train connecting Mayan archaelogical sites to sea-side tourist cities is opposed by the Zapatista. This striking graphic carries their message in response to the plan:

No al Tren Maya y los proyectos de destruccion. No seremos mas sus obreros, ni su mano de obra barata, ni sus sirvientes. Somos y Seremos Resistencia y Rebeldia!

No to the Mayan Train and Projects of Destruction! We will no longer be their workers, nor their cheap labor nor servants. We are and will always be Resistance & Rebellion!

This quality 19″ tall and 13″ wide print on heavy stock comes straight from the rebellion; and its purchase in support of Zapatistan communities is in great taste anywhere.

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