Mi Casa es Su Casa (The Lawn Sign)

For just ten bucks ($10 plus shipping) we’ll send you this beautiful yard sign.

Become part of a network of hearts, minds, and homes in resistance.  Post your “Sanctuary Home in Resistance” lawn sign and declare your intent to stand with those who are threatened! 

For more info ~ click here “Mi Casa es Su Casa: Sanctuary Home in Resistance”

A “Sanctuary Home in Resistance” is a home which has publicly declared itself to be a safe and supportive place for anyone and everyone threatened or under attack by a government or by hateful individuals or groups.  Click here to sign up.  Lawn signs are available at variety of locations and events throughout San Diego.   Signs purchased and shipped anywhere the US will accrue regular shipping charges of $16.50.

Join “Mi Casa es Su Casa ~  Sanctuary Homes in Resistance” and proudly declare your intent to stand with those who are threatened!

Thanks, I don’t need a lawn sign right now, but I’d like to donate to Mi Casa es Su Casa


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