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Your gift of change will help us to launch this effort into every climate zone that supports plant (and other) life! is a growing, multilingual, internet-based resource with information about the cultivation and propagation of useful plants. is a nascent project dedicated to sharing information about edible, medicinal, and forage and fuel plants. Originally rooted in information useful to campesino communities, and in plants that are suitable for the climate zones of Chiapas, our goal has evolved into a vision for a planet-wide, living resource of and for farmers, gardeners, scientists, workers, students, teachers, herbalists, and guardians of the land. In these times of climate change, pandemic, and food insecurity we know that adaptability and resiliency means increasing the number of plants, and the number of plant species that we cultivate and use. As WikiPlanta grows, we invite global contributors to share cultivation wisdom and uses from trees to tubers.

We welcome participation from people everywhere to enrich this database by sharing and contributing; we want to include the plants you eat, the plants you nurture, the plants that heal you, and the plants that will help us sustain life on this planet. includes trees, bushes and bulbs, ground covers and vines, rhizomes and roots, mushrooms and cactus, floaters and fungi, and perhaps eventually more. It features common and scientific names, photos, climate and soil requirements, and cultivation and care instructions, and uses for many unique species. And we need your input! 

Become part of this project!  If you believe in the power of plants to save the planet, we enthusiastically encourage your participation on

And, if you can support the vision for open-source resource of vital information around food, fuel, medicine, habitat, soil regeneration, (the list goes on) we encourage you to make a contribution to this effort. Thank you!  

Please follow the development of this collaborative effort!




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