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Please support the nursery at the heart of our agroecology, food sovereignty and medicinal plant work!

As the pandemic of the past two years has shown us, we know that a threat to Mother Earth is a threat to us all. As the climate crisis brings droughts, fires, and floods to Chiapas, the Vivero Muy Otro (Very Different Nursery) in San Cristóbal de Las Casas continues to be central to our efforts to diversifying food sources, protecting water, nurturing biodiversity, recovering herbal traditions, and producing medicines

Vivero Muy Otro continues to sow biodiversity in plantings of perennial medicinal foods and herbs, water-protecting trees, and more.  In 2023, through our partnerships in Mother Seeds in Resistance, we continue to see this resource evolve to accomodate the changing needs in an ever-changing climate. 

Your Gift of Change will support the continued propagation and distribution of vital plants for medicine and food, for water and for life in Zapatista territories. 


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