Plant a tree in Chiapas, Mexico

Plant a tree in the name of a friend or loved-one who cares about forests, climate change, and sustainable agriculture.

How many trees can we plant with your donation? Frankly, we aren’t exactly sure.

We’ve seen lots of web sites promising to plant an enormous number of trees for very little money – and those web sites are often about “selling” carbon credits. However our beginning experience tells us that planting trees that will actually SURVIVE is time, labor, and cash intensive. As an estimate, we anticipate that each mature tree now costs us at least $2.50 to grow – see below for a breakdown of some of the expenses. Perhaps in the future we’ll be able to bring down these costs, but you can be sure we’re not “selling” these trees so someone can polute elsewhere in the world!



You May Send a Personalized Certificate

Thank you for your donation; you may email a personalized Gift of Change certificate to a friend or loved one by putting their name and email in the boxes below. You’ll also get a copy of the Gift of Change certificate at the email address you provide at check out. If you want to deliver the certificate yourself, add only their name below and leave the email box blank and it will be emailed to you. Or you may leave both boxes blank.

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