Support Food Forests in Chiapas


The Zapatistas are “planting rebellion” by creating FOOD FORESTS throughout Chiapas, Mexico.

Schools for Chiapas enthusiastically invites your
participation in a major new educational process
now creating food forests* at more than a dozen
Zapatista middle schools throughout Chiapas,

These food forests are being created at many
autonomous boarding schools – from mile-high
pine/oak forests to sea-level tropical rain forests.
In addition to fruits, nuts, berries, root crops, and
animal forage; every school is working to include a
wide variety of traditional medicinal plants in their
food forest.

The goal is to create resilient food systems
resistant to climate change and political violence.
Local autonomous schools, under the leadership
of their Good Government Board, are working
with communities to recover knowledge and to
donate plant stock for this innovative research
and educational effort. Mayan mother-tongue
languages are used to name the plants; Spanish
is used as the bridge for students from different
ethnic groups to share plant names and food
forest design features. Four times a year, dozens of
students and education promoters are gathering at
various centers for intensive, hands-on workshops
about food forests.

Your financial support for transportation, food, and teaching
materials such as printed handouts and videos at
these workshops will help the project move forward
more quickly.

*Note: What is a food forest?
Food forests provide food, medicine, and many other useful
products while mimicking the ecology of a young forest. The
ancient Mayan civilization was one of many cultures around the
world which utilized perennial food forests to meet their basic
needs. Today, food forests are often designed utilizing native
plants plus an extensive biological tabloid including trees,
scrubs, grasses, roots. As a multi-species, perennial system, food forests are beneficial to human beings and to the environment.

Thank you in advance for your support!


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