American Stingless Bee Recuperation

For thousands of years, the Mayan people have kept Melipona beecheii (a native stingless bee from the Americas) for food and for medicine. These essential pollinators of native American plants are in danger and so is the ancient Mayan tradition of keeping a hive close by for food and medicine.

Your gift will help to rescue this ancient tradition and save this powerful bee. The honey is used as medicine and as a sweetener, the wax is used to make the candles necessary to communicate with the dead, the pollen is strong medicine and this gentle, native bee is essential as a pollinator for many native American plants. Traditionally these bees make their homes in the hollow logs of ancient forest trees. As the rain forest has disappeared so has the ancient women’s tradition of keeping a log hive of these bees in the kitchen rafters for the benefit of her family.

Schools for Chiapas is honored to be working with Zapatista educators, students, ecology promoters, and communities to save the Melipona bee and help rescue this Mayan tradition in Chiapas.



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