Give the Gift of Music

Over the last 515 years the Mayan people have merged a variety of musical traditions (American, African, and European) into a unique and haunting sound. Now autonomous schools are exploring the old and the new; launching an inspiring cultural revival.

Support this rich traditional heritage by donating to help provide funds to purchase musical instruments or consider giving a “The Gift of Music” to an autonomous school in the name of a friend or loved-one who cares about cultural traditions, music education, and beautiful sounds. You may choose any amount from $1 to $500 on the payment calculator at the bottom of this page to help Schools for Chiapas buy high quality instruments for the children of Chiapas – feel free to make multiple gifts to everyone at work, school, and home!



You May Send a Personalized Certificate

Thank you for your donation; you may email a personalized Gift of Change certificate to a friend or loved one by putting their name and email in the boxes below. You’ll also get a copy of the Gift of Change certificate at the email address you provide at check out. If you want to deliver the certificate yourself, add only their name below and leave the email box blank and it will be emailed to you. Or you may leave both boxes blank.

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