Solidarity Food Donations Needed!

We need your help now to bring food, seed, and seedlings to Mayan families living in peril of paramilitary violence!

Over the last year, several regions in Chiapas, specifically in and around Zapatista territories, are experiencing a new spike in violence that threatens their lives and livelihoods. (See our blog.) Our dedicated team in Chiapas is preparing to get vital shipments of necessities to the communities facing these threats. Gifts of Solidarity Food Donations go directly to this effort. Help us feed the resistance!

As campesinos, or subsistence farmers, our Zapatista compañera/os live in close connection with the land. Producing food that is both physically and culturally nourishing for their families is one of their most basic rights. As you read this, in the midst of the pandemic, multiple communities in Chiapas are also threatened by armed paramilitary groups who prevent them from traveling safely to their fields or moving their livestock to water. These paramilitary actions are disrupting the lives of indigenous people and depriving them of this most basic right. Our solidarity with autonomous Zapatista bases of support is critical at this time. Their spirits are strong, but they do need this kind of support urgently. We ask you to join us to continue to send resources of quality food, seed, and seedlings to families in a time of great need. Thank you for joining our effort! And please share!




You May Send a Personalized Certificate

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