Food, medicine, and flowers against paramilitary violence!

Now is the time!!!  Donations are urgently needed to bring food and natural medicines for Mayan families living in peril of paramilitary violence!   

Two besieged Zapatista communities in Chiapas, Mexico, Nuevo San Gregorio and Moises Gandhi need our help. Please join us in pledging your Gift of Change today!

Over the last year, Zapatista communities in several regions of Chiapas have experienced a spike in violence that threatens their lives and livelihoods. (See our blog.) These paramilitary actions have made it impossible for them to plant or harvest – depriving them of their most basic needs for survival. 

At this moment, Schools for Chiapas is coordinating closely with these two communities to send shipments of their most vital needs to them in the first days of 2021.

By donating today you can support our goal of sending a TON of corn and beans to Nuevo San  Gregorio and another ton of food to the community of Moises Gandhi on Jan. 1 for the anniversary of the Zapatista insurrection. In addition, our new project, called La Bodega de Salud, will contribute supplies for making tinctures of medicinal herbs, and our nursery will send flowers and grafted fruit trees like avocadoes, tangerines, and oranges;  as well as medicinal plants such as oregano, buganvillia, vapor rub; and useful shrubs such as blueberries and chipilin and other seeds, bulbs, rhizomes, and cuttings for the Mayan communities under attack.

Your support in any amount at this moment will help feed hungry people in Chiapas at the beginning of 2021.  As always, please only donate if your food and housing is secure. Thank you so much.




You May Send a Personalized Certificate

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