Collaborative Creative Educational Media Fund

Schools for Chiapas ha had the enormous privelege of working  in the creation of multi-media educational materials. These creative productions educate and entertain as they tell of the dignified struggle of the Zapatista autonomous communities. Last year we were proud to releas our first podcast, “Lupita’s Secret.” Online and multi-media formats open a world of possibilities to share stories and experiences, and to create forums for collective knowledge production between global audiences and Zapatista secondary students alike!

This year, as we focus our work even further on climate resilience practices, we embark on the development of a perennial food forest plant Wiki to share information about edible, medicinal, and forage and fuel plants. Rooted in an information format that is useful to campesino communities, and in plants that are suitable for the climate zones of Chiapas, this Wiki will invite global contributors to share cultivation wisdom and uses of  more than 125 plants, from fruit trees to tubers. We are working diligently to get the first pages up and functional, and when they do, you’ll be the first to know!

Help us continue to make these collaborative works possible! 

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