Building and Equipping the Bodega de Salud (Warehouse of Health)

Help us build and equip the Bodega de Salud / Warehouse of Health! Fight Covid-19 and support resistance, resilience, and the strengthening of health autonomy in Zapatista territories! 

Your Gift of Change supports three major functions of the Bodega de Salud:

  1. To produce and stockpile highly effective Zapatista-style masks to protect against the spread of Covid-19.
  2. To create a replicable construction blueprint and build rural laboratories for the production of herbal medicinal tinctures, balms, and syrups throughout the autonomous territories, as desired by the communities. These laboratories—alongside educational workshops, seeds, plants and medicinal herbs—are centers to support life in Mayan communities.
  3. To produce and disseminate educational materials on the latest research in sanitation protocols for day-to-day life situations, and preventive and palliative measures in the control of Covid-19. This includes preparation, handling, and storage for medicine-making.

Covid-19 pandemic has ravaged and rattled the human condition across the planet. But, while the bad governments chose to ignore science, the Zapatistas chose to listen to science. Since their declaration of a red alert on March 18 until today, their adherence to strict protocols of mask-wearing, social distancing, and quarantine have managed to prevent disaster in Zapatista communities. In addition, they are re-discovering and deploying ancestral traditions of plant medicine, recognizing the plant-helpers in their ecosystems, and refocusing on health autonomy. Give a Gift of Change to strengthen this effort through the Bodega de Salud!

The Bodega de Salud is a project to support capacity-building in the Zapatista territories for health autonomy and the next phase of the struggle against Covid-19! Thank you for joining our efforts!





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