Building and Equipping the Bodega de Salud (Warehouse of Health)

Help us build and equip the Bodega de Salud / Warehouse of Health! Support resistance, resilience, and the strengthening of health autonomy in Zapatista territories! 

Your Gift of Change to the Bodega de Salud supports our work in:

  1. Supplying basic laboratory equipment for the production of herbal medicinal tinctures, balms, and syrups throughout the autonomous territories. These laboratories—alongside educational workshops, seeds, plants and medicinal herbs—are centers to support life in Mayan communities.
  2. Aquisition and sharing of instructive materials for community health promoters.
  3. Maintaining a stock of effective masks, and preventive tinctures available in our San Cristóbal office!

In the height of Covid 19, Zapatista communities were among the first to adopt strict protocols of mask-wearing, social distancing, and quarantine. They hosted many vaccination clinics, and protected their families. And now, they continue to fschortifying traditional healing practices, reviving plant medicine knowledge in their ecosystems, and refocusing on health autonomy. The Bodega de Salud exists to strengthen these efforts and build capacity according to the desires of the communities!

Support health autonomy through the Bodega de Salud today! Thank you for your Gift of Change!




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