Natural Herbal Soap

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Natural bar soap made with natural herbs and essences. These herbal products are made by Zapatista autonomous health promoters from plants grown in autonomous territory. Your purchase of these products directly supports the Zapatista Autonomous Health System (SSAZ).

Select from: Oat and Honey | Rosemary | Propolis | Charcoal

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Oatmeal & Honey: For sensitive skin, provides elasticity and moisture. Contains bergamot essential oil. For external use.

Rosemary: Exfoliates, tones, and regenerates. For oily skin, antiseptic and astringent. Contains rosemary essential oil. For external use.

Propolis: Healing and anti-inflammatory. Use on dermatitis, burns, and blemishes. Unscented. For external Use.

Charcoal: Deep-cleansing, opens clogged pores, for oily skin. Contains lime essential oil. For external use.


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Weight 5 oz

Oat & Honey, Charcoal, Rosemary, Propolis

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