GMO-free Zapatista Seed Corn

Now more than ever, we want you to join in the resistance against transgenic contamination of Mayan corn in Chiapas, Mexico! Send a package of seed to the gardener in your family as a gift. By planting corn donated by Zapatista farming families, you become a part of a global effort to preserve a vital genetic heritage that has evolved over thousands of years. Plant these vigorous Zapatista corn seeds in your community, farm, home, school, or family gardens, in an act of solidarity and an offering of beauty to all who visit!  


Please note: Each seed packet contains about 60 seeds…. enough to plant most home gardens. This is a beautiful corn plant that grows very very tall in places with long days. To have a successful harvest of viable new seed, this corn should have a long growing season of 6 months.  We encourage the reproduction of this heritage seed! As gardeners and growers, our vow is to protect diversity! Please protect these these seeds, reproduce them, and share them with those who will do the same.

We currently have yellow, white and black and can make a “multi-color” pack if you like! Just add it in the “notes”!


Grower’s Agreement * 

Our Zapatista donors require that you agree to the following before you may add this item to your cart:

This corn is donated to Schools for Chiapas by autonomous Zapatista farmers. I agree that I will never patent nor abuse the genetic material or life force of this seed. Click here to read the full grower’s agreement.