Leather Boots from Oventic

NOTE: For the time being, we will no longer be accepting new orders for Zapatista boots.  It has been our great honor to procure Zapatista boots for our customers. We have seen it as both an act of solidarity and a way to support the movement. We hope that we will be able to do so again in the future. 

From the boot factory in Oventic, these extraordinary leather boots, stamped with a distinctive EZLN logo, and are handcrafted in the highland Tzotzil Mayan community of Oventic in the municipality of San Andres, Sacamch’en de los Pobres, Chiapas, Mexico. Using high-quality manufactured Ben soles and the best Mexican shoe leather from Leon, Mexico; these indigenous craftsmen have spent the last decade perfecting their technique and gaining satisfied customers all over the world. Several shoe styles are available including shoes, sandals, and black or brown boots.

Boot orders can take many months to fulfill and will ship separately from the rest of your order.  This is due to the fact that we do not keep these boots in stock but rather purchase each pair individually from the boot factory in Oventic.  At any given time, the ability to fulfill an order will depend upon availability in the moment of a specific size, style and color.  If you have flexibility (high ankle vs low ankle) (black vs brown) please let us know.  This increases the odds that we will find your size boot in stock.  Until you tell us otherwise (ie you want your money back) we will continue to try to fulfill your order each time we are in Chiapas. Please feel free to write us (store@schoolsforchiapas.org) at any time regarding your order.

Please specify size, color and style (and level of flexibility regarding these things)  in the comments section.  Boots are available in low ankle (7 holes) or high boot (10 holes).  Boots run fairly true to size and are available in whole sizes only, up to US mens size 12.

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