Bandana Masks with raw silk snap-in filters

From: $10.00

These are the same Chrysalis Bandanas we provide to our Schools for Chiapas staff. The bandanas are 100% cotton and get softer with every wash. The snap-in inserts are two layers of raw silk that snaps between the folded bandana. This combination of two layers of cotton with two layers of raw silk has been proven to be a highly effective barrier to particles and droplets that could carry the coronavirus, protecting the person wearing the bandana as well as anyone they encounter. A nose-wire is sewn into the top of the insert to give your bandana the same careful fit of a mask. The 22″ x 22″  and 27″ x 27″ bandanas are available in red and the 22″ x 22″ bandana is also available in blue. The inserts and bandana modifications are handmade in San Diego, CA, shipped in a sealed packet, ready to wear. Note: While this mask meets CDC recommendations as an aid to protect from COVID, it is not medical-grade protection. These facemask bandanas are handmade in the USA by Jeeni – our store manager.

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Weight 1.75 oz
Dimensions 6 × 9 × .25 in

Red 22 x 22, Red 27 x 27, Blue 22 x 22

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