Raffle to Resist the Megaprojects!

You Win, We Win, We All Win Against Planetary Destruction! Your donations will go to transportation, food, and lodging expenses for communities participating in the Caravan and International Gathering “El  Sur Resiste!” this coming April 25th – May 7th! From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for donating to our Raffle to Resist the Megaprojects! #NoAlTrenMaya #ElIstmoEsNuestro

We will be collecting donations/raffle numbers until May 1st (Donations to the CNI will be made on April 24th and again on the 2nd or 3rd.)
Winners of the raffle will be notified (and announced, given their permission) on May 4th!

These beautiful pieces, representing dozens of hours of labor and years of apprenticeship and practice, are offerings directly from the heart of the resistance, Zapatista territory.

Thank you for raffling!

Gorgeous Artwork Made With Love By Collectives in Resistance

~Ornate brocade wall-hanging made by the famous weavers of Magdalena, in the highlands of Chiapas, just an hour out of San Cristóbal de las Casas.

The colors and shapes woven into the cloth have spiritual significance and represent elements of our relationship with the natural world. (Diamonds and stars representing the universe and its cardinal points. Frogs representing the coming of rain…)

~Mayan Tree of Life, Ornamental Ironwork ~Herrería Artistica, Collective in Resistance

The Tree of life refers to the cycle of life.
The root represents birth but also its long dependence on the nutrients of the earth.
This tree represents our life from birth to our end, at the point that the tree reaches heaven. The trunk represents that union between life and death, and all the branches that appear on the tree are the multiple paths that we may find but, in the end, they all invariably connect us to our trunk.

In addition to having a connotation with the cycle of life, it is also related to the 4 elements — air, water, fire and earth. All these essential forces on our planet are what allow the tree and all living beings to give life.

~Bätsik Ants, Linocut1 ~ Humberto, Education Promoter and Teacher at the Primary and Secondary Schools of Oventic. *

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  1. Linocut is a relief printing technique, which derives from xylographic engraving; however, it is practiced with a material that is easier to cut than wood, such as linoleum.
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