Seventh Part: A Beetle in Streaming

November 2023

Durito has forwarded me this that went to one of his millions (so he said) of fans:

He adds the following:

“Although it is a detail that they changed the black color to blue, which protects my secret identity, it may be that they want to avoid paying royalties.  Especially for my discreet participation in the SAG-AFTRA strike, alongside my beloved Susan.  Anyway, I appreciate HBO’s humble tribute to the greatest superhero the planet earth has ever given birth to: Yours truly.”

Almost at the same time, I got this from HBO’s Community Manager:

“In connection with the announcement of the referenced film’s scheduling, HBO clarifies that it does not refer to Don Durito (DD for legal issues) nor is it a reference to the upcoming anniversary of the EZLN.  It is a mere coincidence.  HBO reiterates its commitment to the system and is already in the process of reprimanding those responsible for our programming in this unfortunate misunderstanding.  HBO does not make movies, nor does it program the exhibition of films, of real superheroes, only fictional ones.  And, in anticipation of DD’s lawsuits, we warn that our legal department already has all the documentation that supports our innocence.  We will not accept claims for more than 10 million USD, although we would be willing to redirect the compensation to Guerrero, as long as it is a reasonable amount that does not exceed the referred  to amount and that does not pass through the Congress of the Union of the cemetery called Mexico.  We are at your complete disposition to reach a reasonable settlement.  Sincerely yours.  The CEO of HBO”

  I think this has gotten out of hand.

Now Durito will be unbearable.  Well, he already was, but more so (or is it Max?).

From the office of DD’s Artistic Representative (for legal matters).

The Captain
November 2023.

Original text published in Enlace Zapatista.

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