The Urgency of Educating Ourselves in Self-Defense

Self-defense is an artform of life in the midst of a system of death. It is a way of walking through obstacles, teaching us to continue being peoples and human beings. Not to conquer something like power, but simply to continue walking as the very lives that we are.

The Struggles for Water

In the struggle for the defense of water, peoples and organizations confront transnationals, multinationals and also the Mexican State, which defends private interests over the common good. The water crisis is the most penetrating, acute and invisible facet of the ecological devastation of the Earth, writes Vandana Shiva in The Water Wars.

The Caravan for Water and the Environmentalism of the Peoples

As its name says, the caravan is not against this or that government, it is against capitalist dispossession and against the governments that sustain it. It is against the destruction that is disguised as progress. The environmentalism of the peoples, that which is built from below and to the left, invites us to change the questions — development for whom and at what cost?

Gustavo Esteva and the Horizon of Intelligibility

At the foot of the majestic ceiba tree, in the humid sunny mornings and dusk of La Realidad, in the Lacandon jungle, where advisors and guests of the EZLN waited to meet with the commanders, Gustavo Esteva would talk for hours with other advisors.

The EZLN Marches Against the War in Ukraine

Residents of Altamirano Joined in to Add Their Demands By: Ángeles Mariscal Altamirano, Chiapas Thousands of members of the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN, Ejército Zapatista Liberación Nacional) demonstrated in six Chiapas cities, to protest against wars, and to show their solidarity with the people of Ukraine, who currently resist a Russian invasion. This is the first massive appearance that the EZLN has made since 2012, when they appeared in different cities in silent marches, within the framework of the change of era according to the Maya calendar. The demonstrations of thousands of masked people took place simultaneously in San …

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