Death Threats Against National and International Observers and Obstruction of Frayba Human Rights Defense Work

Bulletin No. 22 San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico, 
June 29 2022
 The negligence of the Mexican State puts at risk the life and integrity of people who are defenders and autonomous communities who defend land and territory.  Since November 2019, the Nuevo Poblado San Gregorio (Nuevo San Gregorio) community, territory recuperated in 1994 by the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN, Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional), has been constantly attacked by a group of people coming from communities surrounding the San Gregorio ejido, Ranchería San Andrés Puerto Rico, Ranchería Duraznal and Ranchería Rancho Alegre, who have dispossessed about 155 hectares belonging …

Death Threats Against National and International Observers and Obstruction of Frayba Human Rights Defense Work READ MORE »

A Strategy Up For Debate?

Raul Romero examines the failed previous and current strategies for confroning organized crime and violence. He asserts that a critical approach must disrupt the processes of recolonization and dispossession, returning territories, resources and autonomy to the peoples.

The Sterile Illusion of Change from Above

by Raúl Zibechi Colombia, Ecuador and Chile all demonstrate recent processes that are relatively similar. Governments of the neoliberal right confronted long-lasting popular revolts, which opened breaches in domination and put governability in jeopardy. The political system responded by channeling the dispute into the institutional arena, with the approval and enthusiasm of the left. During the revolts, grassroots organizations were strengthened and new ones were created. In Chile, more than 200 territorial assemblies and more than 500 community kitchens in Santiago when the pandemic was declared. In Ecuador, they had the Parliament of Indigenous and Social Movements, with more than …

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Narco Violence and Indigenous Youth

By: R. Aída Hernández Castillo*  Last June 14, heavily armed indigenous youth took over the popular market of San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, and maintained control of the northern zone of the city for more than three hours, stealing, burning vehicles and terrorizing the population, without the various security forces doing anything to stop them. The press and the social networks explain these actions as the confrontation between several criminal groups over control of the market, mentioning the Motonetos, the Vans and the San Juan Chamula cartel as some of the groups confronted in these fights over territorial control. …

Narco Violence and Indigenous Youth READ MORE »

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