Marcos is Gone! Between the light and the shadow.

We think that it is necessary for one of us to die so that Galeano lives.
To satisfy the impertinence that is death, in place of Galeano we put another name, so that Galeano lives and death takes not a life but just a name – a few letters empty of any meaning, without their own history or life.
That is why we have decided that Marcos today ceases to exist.
He will go hand in hand with Shadow the Warrior and the Little Light so that he doesn’t get lost on the way. Don Durito will go with him, Old Antonio also.

Galeano, a Reminder of “Who” We Are – A Call to Action in Support of the Zapatistas

I hear all kinds of arguments about what’s wrong with schools and the sentiments tend to avoid the keys to what’s essential in the creation of a learning environment: an understanding of “who” the person is who’s being educated. And nothing gets at “who” a child, a student, is more than an educator who respects and appreciates that person’s culture and gives him or her an education that’s rich in the arts.

Video of Votán Galeano

This past May 2nd José Luis Solís López (known as Galeano) was assassinated by members of the paramilitary group CIOAC-Histórica while defending the autonomous school and health car clinic near the Zapatista caracol of La Realidad. This Spanish language video by the independent media collective Masde131 shows footage of the teacher Galeano reading the parting message of the Escuelita, “Freedom according to the Zapatistas”, during the closing of its first round in August 2013.

Zapatista farmer in cornfield, Chiapas, Mexico

Peter Rosset on the war against the Zapatistas

Is it really possible that anyone would consciously plan the murder of a teacher and the destruction of a Zapatista school, health clinic, and water system? How can it be that politicians, governments, or special interests are still attacking tiny Mayan communities after these communities have spent twenty years peacefully focused on education, health, ecological agriculture, and women’s empowerment? And finally, why isn’t the “official story” – a tale of simple inter-community conflicts – credible in the case of the assination of the teacher Galeano and the distruction of La Realidad’s school, health clinic, and water system. During this week of demanding Justice for …

Peter Rosset on the war against the Zapatistas READ MORE »

Galeano vive Zapatistas Chiapas La Realidad

Galeano lives! New graphics available for public use!

Galeano, a Zapatista teacher, was murdered on May 2, 2014 while defending a community school in Chiapas, Mexico. Because of this horrific attack near the Zapatista caracol of La Realidad which left 15 other Zaptistas hospitalized (learn more details here), people of conscience everywhere are publicly standing with the Zapatistas. Schools for Chiapas is offering the following graphics for free use by everyone. Please download this image and share the photo of the murdered teacher Galeano far and wide. Also, be sure to sign and join the Call for Action in Support of the Zapatistas at Below are four …

Galeano lives! New graphics available for public use! READ MORE »

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