Torture, Forced Displacement, Arbitrary Arrests and Violations of Right to Land: The Cocktail of Violence that Beseiges Chiapas

In this article from El País, Alejandro Santos Cid analyses the latest report from the Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Center for Human Rights and pulls together the threads that link the megaprojects of the Mexican government, human rights abuses, migration, militarization and the surge in organized crime in Chiapas. He does so in the context of the recent Sur Resiste caravan and the resistance of the Zapatista communities and the National Indigenous Congress to the death projects.

What is happening at the U.S.-Mexico border?

As the U.S. ends the Title 42 provision rejecting asylum seekers due to the COVID public health emergency, this article describes the current status at the U.S. Mexico Border.

As the policy comes to a close, the UNHCR and IOM express concern about new restrictions affecting access to asylum for refugees and migrants in the Americas under the Biden administration.

Pronouncement of the International Encounter El Sur Resiste/The South Resists – “Global Corporate Capitalism, Global Patriarchy, Autonomies in Revolt”.

We recognized that even in the midst of all the destruction of the capitalists there are many achievements that we are reaping: The first and most important is that after 500 years of attempts to exterminate us WE ARE STILL HERE, the organization of the community against dispossession, as well as the lands recuperated in different towns, the struggle of women for the recognition and exercise of their rights, the struggle for water, the liberation of political prisoners, the relocation of the train stations in Merida and Campeche, the establishment of zones free of extractive projects, the conservation of languages and traditional festivals and the construction of autonomies.

Cinema Night in Zapatista Territory To “Remake The World” and a Sailing Ship in The Atlantic

An account by Alejandro Santos Cid of the premiere screening of ‘La Montaña’ documentary about the transatlantic journey of the Zapatistas to Europe, as part of their Journey for Life. The screening was held at the El Sur Resiste International Encounter last weekend at the Jacinto Janek Caracol, San Cristóbal de Las Casas. The article gives interesting insights into the voyage itself, the history of the Zapatista movement and where it stands today.

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