And You, Where Were You?

Magdalena Gómez challenges the agencies of the State, the bureacracies and the self-satisfied liberal class in their rhetoric of democratic pluralism to ask: “And you, what have you done while the indigenous peoples were building autonomy?”

THIRD CALL for the INTERNATIONAL ENCOUNTER THE SOUTH RESISTS 2023! “Global Corporate Capitalism, Planetary Patriarchy, Autonomies in Rebellion”

It is time for us to listen to each other and to point directly to those who are behind the causes of the dispossession that we experience in our territories, to that 1% of the world population whose decisions and ways of life have caused the current climate crisis that forces us to be displaced as peoples, that reconfigures our territories and confronts us with exploitation, extractivism, and war.

We are the 99% who resist the onslaught of those who would destroy us and seek to dominate us.

The Decomposition of Democracy

There’s a consensus on the desirability of democracy and the rejection of dictatorship. But this consensus obscures opposing ideas about what we understand by democracy and where we place the emphasis: from those who prioritize the electoral system and suffrage, to those who understand democracy as a genuine egalitarian distribution of power (Immanuel Wallerstein).

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