Communiqué from the Cancuc Five to the Otomí

The five tseltal prisoners of San Juan Cancuc, from the confines of their unjust imprisonment, send a message of solidarity to activist Diego García Bautista and the Otomí compañerxs under constant threat of criminalization. They are not alone!

With the Classroom Doors and Windows Open

We share this piece from the VX Freirian-Zapatista Seminar at the School of Philosophy and Literature at UNAM. It is a nod to the critical spaces held by university students in defense of Palestine, and an important reminder of the role of education (beyond all walls) to create the cracks in the system and the inviolable spaces of joyful rebellion. Thanks to the compañerxs Zapatistas for their inspiration, and of course to Paolo Freire.

CNI Communiqué: In the Midst of Electoral Farce, the Capitalist War against the Peoples

As violence ravages Mexico in the weeks before the elections, the CNI gives its view of the ‘’electoral farce.’’ ‘’ This June 2nd, a “democracy” is not in dispute, much less a leftist one. What is really in dispute is an economic and political power that seeks to sustain itself with militarization, with impunity, and with the accumulation of wealth in the hands of many at the service of large transnational corporations. Their plan is to sustain this “Fourth Transformation” with a CAPITALIST WAR against indigenous peoples and communities.’’

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