Tila, the Chiapas town that fled violence. More than 4 thousand displaced.

“There were thousands of us who were trapped and defenseless, unable to leave our homes; the report had already been made to the federal and state governments, so they knew what could happen, but they did not intervene to prevent it, denounced the local man whose house was burned.”

For nearly a week in Tila, Chiapas residents have been held residents hostage as violence flares between narcoparamiltaries and members of the ejido. After days of unresponsiveness, Army and National Guard troops entered the area allowing nearly half the population to flee.

Elections and Financiers, Applauding With Jewelry

‘’At the closing of the 87th Banking Convention in Acapulco, in which President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said goodbye early to the bankers, the president told them: You have treated me very well, with respect, and I consider that you have been reciprocated. In turn, the money lords thanked the chief executive for not having changed the rules of the sector, fulfilling what he offered in 2019.’’

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