What “left” do they speak of? From the Zapatista perspective, the López Obrador regime appears to be on the right.

“To call this MORENA government and the one that will succeed it in a few weeks “left” is to be deceived by disinformation, propaganda and post-truth. As well as by the populist narrative that now is trying to dismantle liberal democracy as “neoliberal” and “corrupt” in order to re-edit a country where elections are always won, systematically, by the party in power, as in the best times of the PRI.

19 Bodies Found in a Dump Truck in La Concordia, Chiapas

The bodies of 19 people were found in the municipality of La Concordia, Chiapas, last weekend; at least six of them were carrying IDs issued by the Guatemalan government, according to the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC). It pointed out that the first investigations indicate a confrontation between the criminal groups of the Sinaloa cartel and the aforementioned cartel of Chiapas and Guatemala, which are disputing criminal control in this border area. It indicated that after the discovery of the bodies, the federal government sent 1,200 elements of the armed forces and the National Guard to the region …

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It Takes a Village – All Hands on Deck!

Compañerxs, it’s been a while. Much has happened since we last wrote, what with the elections and related violence in Mexico, and the confounding policies of our own government here in the US.  While we might be remiss not to acknowledge the election of Claudia Sheinbaum, the first woman and climate scientist to the office of the President of the Republic, as a significant moment, we would also be remiss to assume this implies a major shift on the topics indigenous rights and culture, human rights, or the health and safety of the human and other-than-human inhabitants of the territories. …

It Takes a Village – All Hands on Deck! READ MORE »

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