Elections and Financiers, Applauding With Jewelry

‘’At the closing of the 87th Banking Convention in Acapulco, in which President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said goodbye early to the bankers, the president told them: You have treated me very well, with respect, and I consider that you have been reciprocated. In turn, the money lords thanked the chief executive for not having changed the rules of the sector, fulfilling what he offered in 2019.’’

The EZLN and Elections in Mexico

Compañerxs from solidarity collectives in the other Spain share an instructive history of the EZLN’s position on elections throughout its 30 year resistance.

““We tell them clearly: When the day comes that you have to vote, vote for the one you want. We do not tell them not to vote. What we tell them is that the solution is not up there. Up there are the political parties and we have seen them again and again, that there is no solution. What we have to do is to organize ourselves as peoples.”

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