National and International Statement in Response to the Aggression Against the Community of Moises Gandhi

To the peoples of Mexico and the world 

To the individuals, collectivities and peoples who defend Life 

To those who feel the urgency to act in the face of a Mexican southeast in flames 

Today, at this moment, Mexico is at the limit; at that limit that always seems distant, until a bullet from above detonates the rage of Mexico from below. Our Zapatista compañero Jorge López Santíz is on the edge between life and death because of a paramilitary attack by the Regional Organization of Coffee Growers of Ocosingo (ORCAO is its acronym in Spanish), the same group that has been attacking and harassing the Zapatista communities. 

Chiapas is on the verge of civil war …

The Chiapas Powder Keg

“Chiapas is a powder keg ready to explode…” Luis Hernandez Navarro provides us with a potent summary of the imminent crisis unfolding throughout Chiapas.

The Mind Thinks With Ideas, Not With Information

Raúl Zibechi writes: “The long silence of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, more than a year without issuing communiqués, can be understood as a refusal to enter the media circus that few people pay attention to, and even less understand. It is the silence of rage and dignity. The Fifth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle (1998) explains silence as a weapon of struggle, and that “with reason, truth and history, one can fight and win…by keeping silent.”

The Destruction of the Earth is Reaching Its Limits: Interview with Carlos Gonzalez

In 1996, the National Indigenous Congress (CNI) was formed with the aim of being the home of all indigenous peoples: a space for reflection and solidarity to strengthen themselves, with their own forms of organization, representation and decision-making. In this interview, Carlos González García – member of the CNI – makes an assessment of the first three years of the current government, presents his perspective on the increase in violence, militarization, megaprojects and their implications for the communities, and talks about what is on the horizon for the CNI (National Indigenous Council).

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