Armed Group Breaks in on the Election of Authorities in Oxchuc

The election of municipal authorities of Oxchuc, an indigenous town in the Highlands of Chiapas, was breached when an armed group broke into the central plaza, leaving one dead, Pedro Santíz López, and several injured. Residents identify the attackers as members of the organization “Sentiments of the Nation.”

Migration, the Business

Luís Hernandez Navarro analyzes the catastrophic loss of life in trailer accident outside of Tuxtla. A monitoring of the current migratory flow cannot remain at a north-south spatiality because it is no longer possible to trace precise, absolute boundaries. There is a continuous geographic redefinition. The borders of exploitation are reproduced in the transnational space.

The Military Industrial Complex

Raul Romero reflects on the rising influence of the military-industrial complex in Mexico. “When the military are predominant members of the power elite, Mills reflected, what they seek is expansion. Hopefully we still have time to shut them down.”

The Grand Theft of Seeds

Silvia Ribeiro describes yet another aspect of the war on life waged by transnational corporations. This week from December 2-8, marked the global campaign against the privatization of seed and the UPOV (International Union for the Protection of Plant Varieties. #StopUPOV

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